Why Finland?

For the corporate events industry, Finland is an excellent alternative. We offer a wide selection of high-quality hotels, as well as superb event facilities. Finnish suppliers are professional and helpful. English is widely spoken and understood across the country. Finland provides the perfect mix of action-packed adventures in unspoiled nature with modern high-class services.

We bring visitors close to nature. Finland is a year-round destination with exotic winters and warm summers. Finns love outdoor activities and have lots of experience in organising them. Finland is also a country of contrasts. It is one of the only places in the world where delegates can experience 24-hour daylight or marvel at the Northern Lights from their conference chairs.

FCB can guarantee a successful meeting in Finland

Finland Convention Bureau (FCB) is a one-stop point of contact for any overseas organisers interested in our country, providing you with relevant advice and putting you in contact with the best suppliers for your needs. All our services are free of charge.

FCB promotes Finland as an international meetings destination. We also provide advice and offer a first-hand introduction to the country when planning an international meeting, event or congress.

Golf in a true winter wonderland

Activities on offer for events in the light summer nights include river rafting, sailing aboard schooners or river boats, fishing, golfing and biking - to name just a few. In the northernmost part of the country above the Arctic Circle, the sun does not set for several weeks during the summer.

In wintertime Finland is transformed into a true winter wonderland. Several destinations offer special seasonal buildings crafted from snow and ice that are great for hosting dinners and get-togethers, and even for accommodation. Winter activities include snowmobile, dogsled and reindeer safaris, winter driving academies, snow karting, snowshoeing, winter fishing, winter golfing, ice breaker mini cruises and winter swimming.

10 good reasons to meet in Finland

1. Easy to reach

Around 180 daily international flights operate to and from Helsinki. Finnair is the national airline, and SAS/Blue1 also has very good connections to Finland. Helsinki-Vantaa regularly ranks among the very best airports in the world.

2. Quality

Around 1,100 venues representing the highest international standards are located throughout the country. These include all varieties, from congress centres and hotels to log cabins, spas and cruise ships. Whether you have your meeting in the city or in the countryside, you can rest assured that your stay will be comfortable, friendly and excellent value for money.

3. Safety and security

Finland is a safe destination with a low crime rate - even in capital city Helsinki visitors can walk safely through all parts of town. Finland is politically stable and one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

4. High standards of education and technology

Finland is one of the most popular congress countries in the world. It is known for its competitive economy and national creativity. The global mobile phone company Nokia is just one example of Finnish high-tech know-how.

5. Nature

Finland has more than 180,000 lakes and endless forests. The coastline is 1,100 kilometres long, with countless beautiful islands and coastal indentations. Finland offers one of the most extensive and unspoiled natural environments in Europe. Finland's environmental sustainability is among the top 10 in the world.

6. Innovation and creativity

Finns enjoy a high standard of living and hold cultural expression of all kinds in high regard. Our architecture and design is well known all over the world. Many architectural landmarks can be admired throughout Finland. World-class Finnish Design is highlighted in our textile and glass products.

7. Cuisine

Finnish cuisine combines Scandinavian simplicity, arctic flavours and pure, organic ingredients. Fish, meat, fresh berries and vegetables are all delicious specialities. Experience an unforgettable festival of flavour in Finland!

8. Seasonal sources of inspiration

Finland offers countless summer and winter activities to choose from. In Lapland you can join a snowmobile or reindeer safari, for example. In summertime you can enjoy sailing, fishing, hiking, golfing, ATV safaris, saunas by the lake or in the sea, and so much more. Finns simply adore outdoor life!

9. Know-how

In Finland everything works well, and Finnish suppliers are always professional. Finnish people are friendly and hospitable, and English is widely spoken across the country.

10. Contrasts

In Lapland you can experience the Polar Night in wintertime and the Midnight Sun in summertime. Southwest Finland has the most beautiful archipelago in the world. We have snow and ice, the Northern Lights and thousands of pristine lakes, rivers and brooks with drinkable water.