Social Programmes

In addition to modern and top-quality conference facilities and services, Finland offers impressive conditions for a wide-range of active social programmes. Below you will find a selection of the products offered by certain suppliers. For a more comprehensive listing, click here for a list of social programmes. 


BSG Marketing / Eventgarden

Escape from Katajanokka Prison

Who will get away and who will remain behind bars on a diet of dry bread and water? The venue for this adventure is Helsinki's Hotel Katajanokka, a historic prison that has been fully converted into a modern hotel.

The aim of participants is to escape to freedom from Katajanokka Prison. In order to escape, participants must complete a serious of challenging tasks that will test their ingenuity, agility and strength. A prison guard, police and a doctor serve as guides. Assisted by tips and using their imaginations, the participants try to escape beyond the prison walls. Created and produced by Eventgarden, this event concept is a nominee for the Best of Helsinki 2009 award in the Incentive category.


Go Experience

Art Experience: Rock stars in the studio

Now you have the chance to experience a rock star's studio recording session. It all begins at the rehearsal studio, where your group will get to select the instruments you want to play.

During rehearsals professional musicians will help you learn to handle the instruments. No previous experience is required, as your tutors are all professionals and practice makes perfect. Most important is the right attitude and working together.

Following rehearsals your group will go into the studio where your song will be recorded. All would-be rock stars have the chance to strut their stuff as a member of the band. Afterwards all band members receive an edited recording of their composition.


Helsinki Expert

Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn - culture in three cities

A walk and lunch in the Design District
Helsinki is home to the unique Design District, a neighbourhood close to the city centre that creative artists call home. The Design District comprises 25 streets and 150 design hotspots, including boutiques, workshops, restaurants and hotels.

This tour presents classic Finnish Design, contemporary designers and up-and-coming talent. Participants will be taken to select locations and the Design Forum. The tour concludes with lunch at a stylish restaurant decorated with vintage design where participants can even purchase the furniture to take home.

An excursion to medieval Tallinn
This one-day excursion to Tallinn offers participants the chance to see the city's historic sights, enjoy its charming atmosphere, and take in the splendid views over the tiled rooftops. Tallinn combines the Middle Ages with the Ultra Modern and is one of the jewels of the Baltic Sea.

Imperial St. Petersburg
This excursion offers participants the chance to experience the excitement of modern-day St. Petersburg and its historical gems in one package. This city of 5 million inhabitants offers everything one can imagine. Its splendid churches, majestic Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Palace Square and other attractions will make an impression on even the most experienced traveller. The duration of this excursion is 3 days/2 nights.



Take to the sea in a historic sailing ship

Join the crew of a historic wooden sailing ship! Aboard the ship everyone is literally in the same boat. As the ship pulls away from the shore, you will also leave your daily routines on land.

The sailing ships can accommodate up to 65 guests, and most are equipped with modern AV equipment for meetings. It is even possible to charter a fleet of ships and treat your guests to an unforgettable regatta. Afterwards you can hold your meeting or host a banquet at our archipelago villas or at the historical Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress.


Levin matkailu

Snowshoe safari from Levi Summit

Exchange your skis for snowshoes and participate in a safari that will improve your condition and introduce you to Lapland's nature. The excursion takes you by gondola to the summit of the Levi fell (531 metres above sea level) followed by a descent wearing snowshoes. During the 2.5-hour safari you will hear stories about the Lappish culture and lifestyle.