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Enonteki÷ (Enonteki÷ Development Company)

Ounastie 165
99400 Enonteki÷
Telephone +358 (0)400 556 215, +358 (0)40 561 4846
Telefax +358 16 521 050


Are you looking for untouched nature and wilderness experiences? In Enontekiö-Kilpisjärvi region you can go hiking or skiing in Finland's highest mountains, or just enjoy the peace and silence of vast wilderness areas.

Enontekiö is located in the Western part of Lapland, in the "arm" of Finland. It is a municipality of great wilderness areas, reindeers and Saami culture. More than 75 % of the region consists of protected nature preserve, a national park and other vast wilderness areas. The municipality of Enontekiö consists of small villages of which the largest is called Hetta. It's population is only 800 inhabitants. Hetta is located by the lake Ounasjärvi and its landmark is the mountain Pyhäkero. Hetta is an authentic Lappish village where you can hear and see Sámi culture.

If you go on a snowmobile or husky safari, skiing or hiking you are almost sure to see some reindeers digging lichen. One way to discover the beautiful mountain area and the national park in the Southern part of Enontekiö, is to follow the Hetta-Pallas hiking path, which is accessible in the summer and winter. The ski season starts already in November and end in the beginning of May. Hetta Hiihtomaa is perfect ski resort for families and those enjoying cross country skiing and other winter activities. Kilpisjärvi offers challenges for those who enjoy free riding or skiing in the fells.

If you enjoy summer activities like white water kayaking, fishing, hiking or trekking, Enontekiö-Kilpisjärvi offers you a great variety of alternatives. You can start a kayaking trip from the Kilpisjärvi and start paddling the very challenging Könkämäeno which turns into river Muoniojoki in Karesuvanto. Or do you fancy fishing in the wilderness lakes some arctic char? Take a helicopter or aircraft flight from Kilpisjärvi to the remote fell lakes, or try your luck in many of the rivers.

In Enontekiö, you can discover the authentic Lappish culture. Reindeer herding is practiced all over the municipality and you will most probably see some reindeers during your stay in Enontekiö. People living in Enontekiö are generous and they welcome you warmly. In March there is a Saami cultural weekend organized in Hetta, during which there is traditional joik singing performances, movies, concerts, reindeer racing and of course partying! In spring time ice-fishing is a popular hobby among every Finn. You can also try your luck and even participate to ice-fishing competitions orgazined during one week all over Enontekiö.

Accommodation examples

Hetta Hotel Jussan Tupa

Hotel Hetan Majatalo

Lapland Hotel Hetta


Hetta Cottage village

Hetan Kota

Kilpisjärvi Arctic Polar

Kilpisjärven Lomakeskus

Kilpisjärvi Hiking Center

Kilpisjärven Tunturimajat

Lapland Hotel Kilpis

Villa Kilpisjärvi

The largest meeting venue is the Lapland Hotel Hetta, which can accommodate 100 persons in one room.

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