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Tornionlaakso (Tornionlaakso Touristinformation)

Tullitie 1
95620 Ylitornio
Telephone 358(0)40-351 3257


Tornio Valley is a unique meeting point of cultures. Life on the border of two countries has made the river valley a rich and active area reflecting solidarity. Tourists from around the world can enjoy the traditions, hospitality and pure nature of the area.

Tornio Valley is located in Western Lapland, nearby the Swedish border. High road 21 from Tornio to Kilpisjärvi follows along the Tornio River. The landscape in Tornio River Valley is very beautiful with several lakes and grand hills. The best known of the hills is Aavasaksa, 242 meters. Aavasaksa is known as "the sun hill" because it attracts thousands of visitors to admire the midnight sun every year. The Midsummer Festival in Aavasaksa is very old and still very popular event in Tornio River Valley. In the scientific literature the name of Aavasaksa became famous because of the geographic work that the Frenchman Maupertuis did in 1736-37. It is located in the area where the Arctic Circle crosses the border of Sweden and Finland.

In our valley you can spend a winter week and experience Lappish culture, reindeer and huskies, adventures in the forests and excursions. Dogsledding or snowmobiling will make your visit an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the snowy winter and the magical blue moment of the day. In the evening you may be able to admire the Northern Lights illuminating the sky. Learn about Finnish sauna traditions and relax in the warm steam. For those who like cross-country skiing, we offer several trails around the hills and in the middle of a wonderful landscape with great grounds for outdoor activities. If you want to use lighted trails you can do that on the hillside.

In the summer this valley is a perfect place to make excursions along rivers and through the forest, to discover closely the only freely flowing European salmon river that leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Rapids apply for all kind of fly fishing. In rivers you can fish brown trout and grayling with lighter equipments and for those who are looking for the big one have we the famous Salmon River Tornio.

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