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Savonlinna Opera Festival

Olavinkatu 27
57130 Savonlinna Savonlinna
Telephone +358 15 476 750


The Savonlinna Opera Festival is the Finnish cultural event best known internationally and one of Finland’s finest tourist attractions.

The first Savonlinna Opera Festival was held in Olavinlinna Castle in 1912, when the Finnish soprano Aino Ackté, star of the Paris Grand Opera, Covent Garden and the New York Metropolitan held her very first festival there. Over the years the festival has expanded into an international event lasting one summer month. It attracts a total audience of around 60,000 a year, a good ten per cent from abroad.

Savonlinna has become a byword among opera-lovers the world over. The programme for the one-month season consists of classical operatic literature and regular premieres of new Finnish works. The operas at the Savonlinna Opera Festival are performed in the excellent acoustics of the great courtyard of medieval Olavinlinna Castle. The castle is open to the public all year round, but a covered 2,264-seat auditorium is built in the courtyard each year for the festival.

Savonlinna is an idyllic little town of under 28,000 inhabitants in Eastern Finland, right in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland. It is just over 300 km by road or rail from the Finnish capital, Helsinki and under an hour by air.

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