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A&S Restaurants

Tehtaankatu 3
00140 Helsinki
Telephone +358 9 7425 5505
Telefax +358 8 7425 5525


A&S Restaurants - 6 unique restaurants,
6 unforgettable experiences in the heart of Helsinki

The family owned A&S Restaurants consist of six unique experience restaurants in the centre of Helsinki. You can choose from the pure tastes of Lapland (Saaga), the best titbits of Finnish cooking (Savotta and Savu), the gems of Russian cuisine (Saslik), and summer delicacies from the archipelago (Saari and Saaristo). A&S Restaurants offer unforgettable surroundings for parties up to 400 persons, festive dinners, lunches, meetings, private parties and theme events.

Experiences from the heart

The goal of A&S Restaurants is to make every restaurant visit unforgettable for our clients. The reputation as the leading experience restaurant family in Finland is a reward of long work. Good service is essential for a successful visit but we want to offer more for our clients.

Unique entirety

A&S Experience starts with a themed story, which is seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled throughout the visit. The decors of restaurants give a feeling of real experience. Our dishes are made from pure ingredients from start to the end and we have different ways to serve the dishes in each restaurant. Also drinks are served in ways you perhaps cannot even imagine. Clothes of personnel are part of the theme.

Real and personal service

The personnel are in key position when making experiences. We have several surprise tools to help the staff but the most important of them is the heart. Our smile guarantee ensures that our customers always get naturally friendly service. Unique restaurant experience comes from exceeding the expectations.

Welcome to our experience restaurants!

Reservations to all A&S restaurants:
A&S Restaurants Sales Office, open Mon-Fri 8-17
tel. +358 9 7425 5505


RESTAURANT ŠAŠLIK - A culinary trip to Czarist Russia

Uncover the secrets of the Russian soul come to Restaurant Šašlik - heavy with tradition, history and hospitality! In Šašlik the genuine Russian atmosphere is as important as the food itself. Russian music, stained-glass windows, old samovars and paintings create an atmosphere worthy of Russian cooking. Russian troubadours play live music Wed-Sat evenings in both dining rooms and private rooms.

Restaurant Saslik
Neitsytpolku 12
00140 Helsinki
Telephone: +358 (0)9 7425 5500
Virtual tour:

Type: Dining and wining
Opening hours:
Sep-May Mon-Sat 12-23
June-Aug Mon-Sat 18-23

Total capacity 220 (2 dining rooms and 7 private rooms)


SUMMER RESTAURANT SAARI - Finnish Delicacies and Maritime Atmosphere

Stunning views to sea just a stone’s throw from the centre of Helsinki on Island Sirpalesaari. Come to enjoy of the best Finnish delicacies of the season from land and sea as well as genuine maritime atmosphere. Finnish fresh fish, meat and cheeses, as well as tasty Finnish vegetables are the secret of Saari’s popularity. Short boat connection (apprx.200 m) twice an hour from Merisatama Pier, boat connection fee is added to the restaurant bill. Boat has capacity for 30 guests at a time.

Restaurant Saari
00150 Helsinki
Telephone: +358 (0)9 7425 5566
Virtual tour:

Type: Dining and wining

Opening hours:
only May-September
May & September Mon-Sun 16.30-23
June-Aug Mon-Sat 12-23, Sun 16.30-22

Total capacity 230 (dining room, 2 private rooms)
Summer terrace for 70


RESTAURANT SAAGA - The Genuine tastes & Feelings of Lapland Kitchen full of Lappish flavours and a restaurant full of the exotic northland!

Enjoy pure Lappish and Finnish natural products and come to Saaga. The work of artists and craftsmen from Lapland feature strongly in the design of the restaurant.

Restaurant Saaga
Bulevardi 34 B
00120 Helsinki
Telephone: +358 (0)9 7425 5544
Virtual tour:

Type: Dining and wining
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 18-23

Total capacity 120 seats (dining room in 2 floors, 1 private room)


RESTAURANT SAVOTTA - Real Finnish food seasoned with authentic atmosphere. Located right next to Senate Square.

Both the authentic interior and the dishes, served in original style, have been inspired by the Finnish forests and thousands of lakes, with a dash of the Finnish “sisu”. The old china, the hundred-year-old floorboards, the old chairs and tables and many old artifacts take you back in time to the logging camps of the old days. Tasty and hearty dishes with a home-made touch echo the best traditional Finnish recipes perfected in the course of generations.

Restaurant Savotta
Aleksanterinkatu 22
00170 Helsinki
Telephone: +358 (0)9 7425 5588

Virtual tour:

Type: Dining and wining
Opening hours: Every day of the year – also during Easter, Christmas and Midsummer
Sep-May Mon-Sat 12-23, Sun & public holidays 17-22
June-Aug Mon-Sat 12-23, Sun & public holidays 13-22

Total capacity: 70 (dining room, 4 booths and private room) Summer terrace for 40


RESTAURANT SAVU - Smoked taste experiences in a log storehouse of the 19th century

Savu has a beautiful location on Tervasaari Island, within walking distance from the Market Square. From the island you have a nice view towards the city, for example Uspenski Cathedral and to the Arctic Ice Breakers which are located on Kanavaranta pier during summer.

The Tervasaari Storehouse, built in 1805, for storing tar barrels, creates the unique milieu for Restaurant Savu. In the old days households were counted based on the number of smoke (=Savu) plumes you could see rising from a village. At Savu we use smoke-curing, one of the oldest methods of cooking- in preparing majority of the dishes served. Our most famous dessert is pancakes prepared by our special pancake chef and you can eat as many pancakes as you wish when having a three course meal.

Restaurant Savu
Tervasaarenkannas 3 00170 Helsinki
Telephone: +358 (0)9 7425 5574

Virtual tour:

 Type: Dining and wining
Opening hours: Sept-April: Tue-Sat 18-23
May: Tue-Sat 12-23
June-Aug: Mon-Sat 12-23, Sun 12-18

Total capacity during summer months (May-Sept ) indoors 150 seats (dining room and two private rooms) Outdoor terrace for 150 persons, of which 80 seats covered with a pavilion tent (in use throughout the year)

Total capacity during winter months (Oct-April) indoors 120 seats (dining room and one private room)


Summer restaurant SAARISTO – Helsinki’s balcony to the sea.

Restaurant Saaristo, located on Klippan Island in front of Kaivopuisto Park with magnificent surroundings, is one of Helsinki’s most traditional and impressive restaurants.

The empire-style villa, designed in 1898 by architect Selim Lindqvist, is part of Finnish culture heritage and an important part of Helsinki’s scenery. Restaurant Saaristo offers the best Scandinavian flavours of the summer. The restaurant creates a unique setting also for both private and business events (weddings, gala dinners etc.). A boat (for 50 persons) serves from the Saaristo's pier located near to the Olympia-terminal (Silja Line). Boat connection fee will be added to your restaurant bill.

Restaurant Saaristo Klippan
00140 Helsinki
Telephone: +358 (0)9 7425 5590

Virtual tour:

Type: Dining and wining
Opening hours 2011: only in May-September
16th May-4th September: Mon-Fri 11.30-23, Sat 17-23, Sun 12-16 (Sunday Brunch only)
3rd-15th May and 5th-30th September: Mon-Sat 17-23, Sun closed Closed during Midsummer weekend

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