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City Facts

A Lapland Dream Come True

In Levi, the beauty of the natural environment is inescapable. Hundreds of
kilometres of cross country ski trails and snowmobile tracks lead from river
valleys and frozen lakes up to the fells, where isolated mountain birches
punctuate the landscape and evergreens stand scattered along the hilltops.
You will appreciate the tranquillity best on a safari, sitting in a sleigh drawn
by a reindeer or by a team of husky dogs. And try the experience of a lifetime:
Arctic Diving - scuba diving under the ice!

After an eventful day, you will still want to explore Levi's famous nightlife,
where the restaurants range from pizzerias to the "kota" - the traditional Lapp
tepee - to exquisite gourmet, with entertainment that varies from karaoke to
top dance bands.



Location in western Lapland, 180 km north of the Arctic Circle.


Kittilä airport 15 km, flying time from Helsinki 1 hour 15 minutes.


460 rooms in 5 hotels, thousands of apartments (beds over 22 000 all together), all equipped with private saunas.

40 restaurants and piste restaurants
Spa and indoor fitness centre
Beauty treament and well-being services
Specialised shops including clothes, sports equipment, jewellers, wine
Souvenir shops
Post office
Medical services
5 equipment rental shops for year-round activities
50 programme service providers
2 caravan areas
Service station


Conference facilities for up to 750 persons.


- Hot-air ballooning
- "Make your own movie"
- Culinary cooking course of Lapland delicacies in wildlife setting
- Gondola-lift to the slopes and to the fell-top restaurant
- Go-cart driving
- Riding Icelandic ponies
- golf course
- Reindeer Park
- Skate Park
- lots of activities both in summer- and in wintertime

Please see Levi Travel's conference packages

Booking centre

99130 Levi
tel +358 (0)16 639 3300
fax +358 (0)16 643 469
levin.matkailu @ levi.fi

Eva Lindström
Sales Manager/groups

Ari Kurula
Sales Manager/groups

Laura Pulkkinen

Sales Consultant/groups

Maritta Lastikka

Sales Consultant/groups

Katja Rauhala

Sales Consultant/groups

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