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City Facts

Kokkola, situated on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, was founded in 1620 by King Gustaf II Adolf. The bilingual city is the regional centre of Central Ostrobothnia and also the northernmost point of the Swedish-speaking coastal region of Ostrobothnia. For most of its 400-year history, the City of Kokkola has been one of the most important trading centres in the region. Its proximity to the sea created special know-how in shipbuilding, for example, which has been passed on from generation to generation up to this day. Today (since 1st Jan 2009) the municipalities of Kälviä, Lohtaja and Ullava are part of Kokkola.


Facts & Figures

Population 46,000

Distance from Helsinki:

50 min

3 hours 50 min

491 km


Meeting Facilities

The largest congress venue is the Kokkola Hall, which can accommodate 500 people in one room.

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For a complete list of facilities, please contact the Congress Kokkola.

Total Accommodation

4 hotels, 350 rooms, 796 beds

Education & Research

Kokkola is home to the Central Ostrobothnia Polytechnic. The Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius offers university education and carries out scientific research benefiting the Kokkola region.


The Kokkola region is the centre of the Finnish boat industry, producing around 60 percent of all boats manufactured in Finland. The city is also known for its metallurgical and chemical industry products. Kokkola is Europe's second largest producer of zinc and the world leader in the production of cobalt.

Places of Interest

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Your Contact in Kokkola
Kokkola Tourism Ltd
Congress Kokkola
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Phone +358 (0)6 8289 713 / -717
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