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City Facts

Joensuu is the capital of Finland's easternmost province in North Karelia.

The city was established by Czar Nikolai I of Russia in 1848. Excellent waterways stretching all the way to St. Petersburg enabled trade to flourish.

Today, Joensuu is an attractive centre for trade, culture, education and technology.
Joensuu can offer you the chance to satisfy almost all your interests. The nearby wilderness areas provide a setting for nature enthusiasts. Jogging paths and a wide variety of facilities are a delight to sportsmen and women. The orchestra, theatre and art museum are among the many town institutions catering to visitors seeking cultural experiences.

The total population of the town is 72,000. Almost 20,000 of them are pupils and students. Joensuu is located 70 kilometres from the Russian border and the city has 20 kilometres common border with Russia. A lively interaction with Russian Karelia is part of the everyday life of the city.

Facts & Figures

Population 72,000

Flight connections
Joensuu Airport is situated 11 kilometres from the city centre.

Distance from Helsinki:

45 min
   5 hour    440 km, 7 hours


Meeting Facilities

The largest congress venue in Joensuu is Joensuu Arena, which offers superb facilities for indoor events even for 10 000 people. The biggest auditorium is the 600-seat Carelia Hall in the main building of the university of Joensuu. There are many different sizes of auditoriums and rooms for parallel sessions on the same campus.

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Total Accommodation

9 hotels, 660 rooms, 1350 beds

Education & Research

Joensuu is called the forestry capital of the Europe and seats the European Forest Institute, an independent non-governmental organisation conducting European forest research

With approximately 13 000 students and 3000 members of staff, the University of Eastern Finland is one of the largest universities in Finland. The university has campuses in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna.

The university is a leader in education and research in the fields of forestry, natural resources and the environment.



The most important business sectors in Joensuu include the plastic and metal industries, the wood and forestry sector, information and communication technology, and expertise related to the border region and cross-border collaboration.

Places of Interest

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