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City Facts

Hämeenlinna - a versatile meeting and conference town

The past of Hämeenlinna is centred around the medieval castle, and the history of the area as one of the oldest inland habitats in Finland guarantees a remarkably long cultural history. At the same time, the town offers modern facilities for meetings and conferences with all additional services. The town is located only an hour away from the larger cities Tampere, Turku and Helsinki, which guarantees fast connections and easy transport.

Green parks and beautiful sceneries, cherished due to their value from the perspective of cultural history, are typical of Hämeenlinna. Year after year, the forest park of Aulanko never fails to attract visitors with its truly unique surroundings and legendary stories from the time of Hugo Standertskjöld, the founder of Aulanko. The Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko with its meeting facilities, sport activities and spa is ready to cater for the wishes of conference guests. Sound experience and the latest conference technology guarantee impeccable service.

The Häme Castle and its beautiful surroundings provide visitors with an unrivalled experience. The fascinating area includes a vast park area and the barracks of the castle. The national urban park, the lakeside route and the view over the lake to Aulanko make the surroundings of the castle a popular place for outdoor activities. Various festivities and gatherings are organised in this area during every season. An excellent proof of the first-class meeting facilities and security systems of the castle is the joint conference of the governments of Finland and Sweden that took place there in 2009. Some of the best known events organised in this exceptional area include the jazz festival LinnaJazzit, The Lake Vanaja Festival, The Medieval Fair and the rock festival Ämyrock.

The versatile culture and congress centre Verkatehdas and its area provide an excellent venue for smaller meetings as well as for conferences for up to 1500 people. After its opening, the Vanaja Hall of Verkatehdas has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, and numerous concerts and other events are organised there every year. One great example of the various large-scale events that employ the entire area of Verkatehdas is the children's art festival called Hippalot. Families all over Finland travel to Hämeenlinna to participate in the festival.

Hämeenlinna is also known for design as well as arts and crafts. Iittala Ltd. is an excellent example of the top-notch design originating in the Hämeenlinna area. The internationally known educational institute Wetterhoff functions as a centre of education, culture and business related to arts and crafts. In addition, the Unit for Primary (classroom) Teacher Education of the University of Tampere is located in Hämeenlinna.

There are as many as eight first-rate golf courses in the area. The Linna Golf in Vanajanlinna has hosted some internationally significant golf tournaments.

The population of the town is 66 000

The distances from Helsinki:

an hour and five minutes

110 kilometres or 55 minutes



The Tampere-Pirkkala airport is located a 55 minute's drive from Hämeenlinna and offers direct connections with, for example, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London and Riga.

A detailed list of the conference venues provided by the FCB

Should you be interested in viewing a complete list of the conference venues, please contact the Häme Convention Bureau.

The total figures regarding the accommodation

5 hotels, 589 rooms, 1231 beds
2 guest houses, 150 beds

Business life

The most important areas of industry in the area are centred around metal industry, special vehicles and design products.

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Contact information

Häme Convention Bureau, Hämeenlinna
Verkatehdas, Viipurintie 4
FI-13200 Hämeenlinna
Phone +358 10 617 2353
Fax +358 10 617 2301

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