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City Facts

Mariehamn in Short

Mariehamn is the capital of the Åland Islands, an autonomous and unilingually Swedish province of Finland. Åland consists of as many as 6,500 islands and skerries in the middle of the Baltic Sea, between the Finnish and Swedish mainlands. The virgin nature of the archipelago is unique in the world and offers many opportunities for recreation and excursions.

Åland is the perfect destination for conference and group tours. Here are excellent premises for meetings and much to see and experience in the form of activities, culture and sights. It's also quick and convenient to travel to the island world from Sweden and Finland. The short boat ride or flight to Åland, also creates a feeling of really being abroad. Travelling on Åland is easy because of its smallness. It's possible to experience much in a short time. You don't have to stay very long to see the best of what Åland has to offer.

There are a total of 27,500 persons living in Åland in 16 different municipalities. Of them some 11,000 live in the only town in Åland, Mariehamn. The town is the centre for industry and politics. Here is also the Åland Government, called "Landskapsregering," located.

Mariehamn is a lively tourist town during the summer months but still holds plenty of small town charm. The town was founded already 1861 by the Russian Tsar Alexander. Town quarters with buildings from the beginning of the 1900's or even older are still preserved although the main center of the town has been modernized.
Even though Mariehamn is a modern town with nice new buildings and renovated facades, you'll still get the impression of cozy small town because the new houses have been carefully planned and placed to fit in to the environment. Mariehamn is a town to stroll in. It's small enough to save your feet from blisters but still there's plenty to see and shop.

Typical for Åland

Unique for Åland is the untouched archipelago and the beautiful bedrock, worn smooth by the inland ice, with the typical red colour of the Åland granite. With its 6.500 islands Åland offers an island world where the sea is always present. Åland is an autonomous and unilingually Swedish region in Finland with its own flag; a blue flag with a yellow/red cross. Åland also has its own stamps, licence plates and its own top domain (.ax).

Åland in brief

Facts & Figures

Population 11,100 (27,600 in the province of Åland)

Inhabitants: 27.600 

Language: Swedish 

Currency: Euro € is the official currency but most service spots also accept Swedish crowns. 

Time: Eastern European time 

Total area: 6 787 km2 

A total of more than 6 500 island of which 65 are inhabited.







Flight connections

The airport is situated 3 kilometres from the city centre
Distances from Helsinki, Turku and Stockholm (Sweden)

50 minutes from Helsinki
30 minutes from Turku
30 minutes from Stockholm, Sweden 

5.5 hours from Turku
5.5 hours from Stockholm
10 hours 10 minutes from Helsinki
2 hours from Grisslehamn or Kapellskär, Sweden 






Meeting Facilities

The largest meeting venue, Alandica, can accommodate 600 people in one room.

See a detailed list of facilities offered by FCB members in Mariehamn

For a complete list of facilities in Mariehamn, please contact Visit Åland or Ålandsresor / Eckerö Linjen.

Total Accommodation

8 hotels, 500 rooms, 1000 beds

Eduction & Research

The Åland Polytechnic offers seven degree programmes and around 100 academic courses, lectures and seminars annually in the areas of Business Administration, Electrical Engineering, Health and caring Sciences, Hospitality, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Navigation.


The maritime and tourist industries are central to the Åland economy. During the summer, around 40 ferries depart from ports in Åland to the Finnish mainland and Sweden. There is also a ferry connection to Estonia

Well-known companies include Viking Line, Eckerö Linjen, Ålandsbanken and Alandiabolagen 

Other important industries in Åland are shipping, trade, banking, farming and food industry. Shipping has always been especially important for Åland and no other industry has had such influence on the population.


Places of Interest

See tourist information

Vist Åland
Storagatan 8
AX-22100 Mariehamn
Phone +358 18 24000
Fax +358 18 24265


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